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「IMPOSING WORDS - Contemporary Family Matters is a group of work that highlight discordant keywords of contemporary Japanese family by using embroidery, a method closely associated with women. More on Homepage

I am working on the Red Battle Scene series. This series depicts school children using school tools as weapons to fight off monsters.  What would you use to beat the monsters? Share your ideas by leaving a comment here, or tweet or instagram with #redbattlescene


Watch Red Battle Scene video on vimeo here

Making slow but steady progress in the Confucius piece. Taking hints from medieval weapons. @redbattlescene #children #fightscene #battle #ballista #cavalier #spaniel #dog #art #embroidery #japan #Tokyo

Some of the things that inspires me is the road signs and trains of Tokyo.  After living in a few places around the world, Tokyo is the NEATEST city that I have ever set foot in.  Trains are on time, and no one raids the vending machines.  The flip side of such neatness is the stress that comes with keeping everything NEAT and on time.  It’s nice when you are the consumer of the neatness but when you are at the service end, it becomes a source of stress (I had had many odd service jobs… waitressing, cosmetic counter lady…) .  It used to drive me crazy how everything seems so clean cut and how everyone follows the rule here in Japan - but I do appreciate the visual style created by the cleanliness of the city.  

Here is what I have been doing these past weeks… I am teaching myself how to use a new machine!  Today, making dots turned out to be a fun challenge.  I look forward to showing you bits and pieces of my practice in the coming months… #sewing machine #embroidery #japan #practice makes perfect #art #tokyo #embroidered art #craft 

Zoom image of the unicycle piece of the Red Battle Scene series.  I never learned to ride the unicycle, but Japanese public school always have them around on the playground.  You can watch me discussing the Red Battle Scene series here:   

Finishing up the unicycle piece. I added the frogs for good measure. It is rainy season in Japan now. #unicycle #embroidery #redbattlescene #Tokyo #art

Exhibition continues at Hellion Gallery in Portland.  Some photos from the opening day.  

Fresh Off the Rocket Ship Exhibition at Hellion Gallery

June 4 - June 24 2014

19 NW5th Ave, Suite 204 Portland, Oregon 97209

Participating artists include:

Daisuke Funaki -
Mitsuya Watanabe -
Kenichi Obana -
Asami Muruyama -
Ruri Clarkson -
Mami Itagaki -
Kanako Ozawa -
Mayuko Matsumoto -
Keiko Miyata -
Yoruko Okamura -
Ryosuke Matsuzono -

Ruri Clarkson discusses RED BATTLE SCENE, her embroidered artwork /How to beat monsters using the contents of your school bag

I released a video where I discuss the background of the RED BATTLE SCENE Series.  Red Battle Scene is a series depicts school children using school tools as weapons to fight off monsters.  I wanted to make artworks about children fighting the obstacles that they face on the way to school. Tweet with #redbattlescene to discuss about it.  See more of Ruri Clarkson’s work at :


Ruri’s twitter instagram

Making a video to share the story behind the making of the Red Battle Scene. #makingof #redbattlescene #vimeo #masked #superheroine #feminism #sociology.



Soen Magazine’s June issue(In stores from 4/28/2014) delves into the world of the current trends of embroidery and laces in Japan and show cases artists who uses embroidery.  My work is being featured along with works or atsumi, Mari Kamio, Koichiro Takagi, Makoto Ozu, with whom I have exhibited with in the past year.   Soen is a magazine I respect as it always stays true to the creative side of fashion and art.  Soen was first published in 1938!  

Soen 装苑

Come see how these two girls ended up. Exhibition at Spiral is until May 6 Tuesday. Until 20;00. These girls are part of the battle scene. I will be there on the 6th 17:00-19:00
#girls #fight scene #tokyo #embroidery art #feminist art (at スパイラル Spiral)

Exhibition begins at SPIRAL.  My work hangs in a prime location indeed at the window side.スパイラルの設置完了しました。窓際のナイスロケーションにうきうきします。


私は、5/3 (土)11:00頃と、17:00 00 - 19:00 、5/6(火)の17:00 - 19:00頃にスパイラルの会場内にいる予定です。

Ruri’s twitter 


SICF 第15回スパイラル・インディペンダント・クリエーターズ・フェスティバル ・受賞者展

日時:5/3(土)~ 5/6(火)11:00- 19:00



会場:スパイラル 107-0062港区南青山5-6-23     地図


展示のお知らせ Exhibition Information

SICF 第15回スパイラル・インディペンダント・クリエーターズ・フェスティバル ・受賞者展

日時:2014年 5/3(土)~ 5/6(火)11:00- 19:00(クラークソン瑠璃作品箇所は、20:00頃まで)


会場:スパイラル 107-0062港区南青山5-6-23     地図

私は、5/3、5/6の17:00 - 19:00頃に真っ赤なアウトフィットでスパイラルの会場内にいる予定です。twitterとtumblrにて展示に関してなど随時アップデートしていきます。 Ruri’s twitter

画像:Ruri Clarkson  / Battle Scene 3 (working title)/   2014  /  Embroidery on Cloth /  33cm × 53.3cm 


Spiral SICF (Spiral Independent Creators Festival)

 DATE  : May 3 - May 6   2014  ,  11:00 - 19:00   (My artwork can be seen from 5/2 as it is in the hallway)

ADDRESS: 5-6-23 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo MAP

SICF page

I have been working on a new set of artwork entitled the Battle series for an upcoming group show that takes place at SPIRAL.   This show is an annual event hosted by SPIRAL, featuring 100 artists.  I was the receiver of the semi-granprix last year, which entitled me to show my work again this year.  I hope you will come and see the show.  I will be somewhere near or in SPIRAL on 5/3 and 5/6 from 17:00 - 19:00.  Please give me a ring / email if you are near by.  I will also post on twitter my whereabouts.   Ruri’s twitter 

「ゆるふぇみカフェ」にゲストスピーカーとして登壇します。社会学者や監督、など面白いガールズトークがいっぱいのカフェイベントなのでお気軽にお越し下さい。4/19(土)13:30- 16:30にMagari中野店で。参加費500円予約はyurufemi@outlook.jpまで

I am one of the speakers at [Yuru femi cafe] (Translates to “Laid back feminist cafe event”)  this weekend.  It is an event that hosts speakers from different genres to start discussions .. and get to know each other.  

Sneak peak! To be shown in May 3 - 6 at Spiral at the SCIF15 event. スパイラル(表参道)で5月のゴールデンウィーク中にSCIF15の受賞者展に参加します。新作を制作中。

One of the blessed moments in my life is when I have my desk all set up to just stitch away and I know that I will be able to concentrate for the next few hours until my eyes grow weak or it’s time for lunch. These girls I am bringing to life right now are fighting… what are they fighting? You’ll find out soon!

The Clover frame I am using is actually meant for punch needle (called free stitching by Clover) but I use it for regular stitching as well as it is the best frame I have used so far, always keeps the cloth nice and tight like a tambourin surface. I really recommend it for all stitchers.